What our clients are saying..


Carol Hughes

Growing up I knew little sign and watched t.v. shows that taught me some too, but I didn’t really know much about deaf blind people at that time.  It wasn't until after graduation, I started meeting people at blind camps that I was going too during that summer and in October 2016 I went to a deaf blind camp where I met Cassandra  After I was introduced with SHEP, it wasn’t even a full year yet when I became an employee of SHEP.  Here I even began to learn tactile sign language which is when you sign in a person's hands.  Just like Helen Keller.  I learned how to use office computers and communicate with the community using different ways.  The biggest thing is that SHEP has taught me how to start doing things for myself. SHEP also teaches me and others how to cook meals in crock pots. Get jobs and some Deaf Blind even got their own places to live. Thanks to SHEP. SHEP also helps the Deaf Blind come to terms with their disability. When you think that we can’t do something when we can.


glenneth cleveland

SHEP is a great way to encourage us to be strong of who we are as deaf/blind community. We as deaf/blind sometime feels isolated, don't know what to do, rely on parents, uncle, aunt, brothers, sisters and other related family to help because feel like I can't do it. I'm deaf/blind and raise a 13 years old son, working  and have transportation, I'm living on my own taking care of the bills, cooking food, cleaning the house, and doing laundry, for reason to say this, I do this independently. Yes, I do get frustrated but I didn't give up. I'm strive to make it a better place on my own. If I can do it then u can do it. SHEP has also help me by providing SSPs to help with tasks that are little difficult for deaf/blind.  Most of all SHEP and help me realize I really enjoyed being with deaf/blind family like as myself. Now they are helping me find the right professional job where I needed to be. 




SHEP is here, and only here because of the community and everyone involved.  Each one of us have been deeply touched by the changes that many of our clients have been able to undergo.  From employment services to simple assistance in relaying their environment at the grocery store, pushes us in becoming independent and productive members of society.  We are looking forward to the future and changing many more people live their best life possible.

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